• Is it the Flu or the Common Cold?This interactive checklist of symptoms can help you determine whether you have the flu or the common cold. It is not always obvious!
  • American Hygiene and Public Spaces Cleaning Behaviors Omnibus StudyA 2009 public survey demonstrates unhygienic behaviors are common during flu season, and that Americans do not believe public spaces are adequately disinfected.
  • Gross Germ-Spreading Behaviors Remain the Norm, Despite Flu Season ConcernsThe Water Quality & Health Council offers tips for taking control of your environment during flu season. This means disinfecting surfaces when feasible, using disinfecting wipes or chlorine bleach – especially at home and at work – as well as washing your hands and practicing good personal hygiene habits.
  • Chlorine Bleach: Helping to Manage the Flu RiskGet through flu season with the help of an old friend – chlorine bleach. Just 1/4 cup of bleach in a gallon of cool water is an effective and inexpensive all-purpose disinfectant, used commonly in homes and healthcare facilities.
  •“Know what to do about the flu.” This website features up-to-date information on the current flu situation, symptoms and prevention. Information is available for individuals and families and professionals.
  • Dr. Ralph’s Flu Preparedness Closet What will you need to stay healthy and secure during a pandemic flu outbreak? Individuals and families should prepare for potential pandemic flu-related isolation from their communities for an extended period of time. Dr. Ralph’s Flu Preparedness Closet is a helpful checklist of what you need to have on hand.
  • Disinfect, Don’t InfectDisinfecting frequently touched surfaces with chlorine bleach can help control viral populations on household surfaces, reducing the spread of flu to family members.
  • For Kids: Flu Germs Busted by Chlorine!The Chlorin8tor and Little Hector the Disinfector battle the viruses that cause flu. The Disinfecting Duo teach kids the “sneaky way” that viruses spread and how they can use that knowledge to avoid flu.