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USA Today – Fight swine flu with good hygiene

A recent USA Today article on H1N1, or swine flu, highlights once again that the best way to prevent such diseases is through the practice of good, basic hygiene. That is especially true in the case of schools where large numbers of children are in close contact. When exposed, those children become a reservoir for spreading the infection at home and in other settings.


Back to School Special: Pick up Your Free Germs Here

As parents send young children back to school and pack their older ones off to college, the government’s warning of up to 90 thousand U.S. deaths this season from H1N1 flu has given many of us pause. Germs and people go together; turning classrooms, dorm rooms, and cafeterias into giant-sized Petri dishes for the virus’s spread. H1N1 flu viruses– like noroviruses which cause vomiting and diarrhea – are able to maintain the infection cycle by spreading through the interaction of people who cough and sneeze, transmitting the virus by droplets in the air or their contaminated hands.


New Flu Study – Watch Where You Put Those Hands!

Along with covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, a new study spells out the need to disinfect surfaces as part of a flu-prevention strategy. Researchers found your greatest risk of exposure (52%) comes from being in close contact with an infected person who coughs followed by (31%) of placing your hands on a contaminated surface. The study points to the need to cover coughs, disinfect touching surfaces, and protect against airborne cough particles.

Read more about the study here.